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Ever since I was little, I wanted to work for The Muppet Show or be on the radio. The first idea didn’t pan out, so here I am. I’ve been in the business a lot longer than I really want to admit, but I’ll just say I started when …

Stacy Lynn

My radio journey has led me to many great places. I'm originally from sunny San Diego. Love the mountains and love skiing. The best part of my day is the listeners. They are the reason I smile.

Michael Moon

I'm A Colorado kid who loves to sing and Laugh. Growing up on The Front Range riding horses, coaching Little League and playing Legion Ball. My Down time is with Friends singing KARAOKE! It's my go and my favorite way to release t…

Chris O'Neil

I was born in Ohio, but I ended up living in 4 wildly different states before I settled in Colorado. One of the "perks" (if you want to call it that) of growing up in radio! That's right, I'm another one of those dudes following i…